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Other Products

In addition to the products of our standard range, we also meet special customer requests. Zeelandia is your partner for everything related to fish and seafood!

Private Label

Zeelandia van Belzen - Private label

We carry our own range of northern prawns in brine, jumbo prawns in brine, crayfish in brine, surimi in brine, as well as Dutch mussels. Of course, in the best quality: we stake our reputation on it!

from Borrelli SRL

Zeelandia van Belzen has entered into an exclusive partnership with Borrelli SRL from Italy. The real Italy lives from its excellent foodstuffs without artificial additives or processing.

See our products from Borrelli SRL »

Nothing is impossible…

We also always strive to fulfil unusual requests. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly work procure what you need as soon as possible.

Selection of our Other Products range:

Aqua Di Vina (Seawater), Bismarckherring, Bratherring, Caviar, Cod Heads for Soup, Coldwaterprawns in Brine, Crab Cocktail Bombay, Crayfish in Brine, Crayfish-Cocktail, Fish Back Flour, Fish for Soup, Fried Herring, Frutti di Mare, Herbal Hering Pieces, Hering in Jelly, Heringstip, Herring in Dillsauce, Kibbeling Alaska Polack 12 Blocks, Kibbelingmix (Seasoning), Lobster Soup Paste, Nero di Sepia, Potato Salad, Smoked Herring, Stockfish, Surimi in Brine, Vinegar Rollmops, Warmwaterprawns in Brine and much more...

 Other Products can be found in our catalogue from page 50 »