Fresh Fish

Zeelandia van Belzen offers an extensive assortment of fresh fish of the very best quality. We buy fresh fish every day at Dutch, Belgian, and Danish auctions and also import fish from all over the world.


Frozen Fish

We also offer our customers an extensive variety of frozen fish and seafood products. Our long-standing ties to suppliers and producers enable us to react quickly and efficiently to the needs and demands of the market.


Shellfish and Crustaceans

Since the home of Dutch entrepreneur Christian van Belzen is where almost all European mussels are traded, Zeelandia van Belzen is particularly well-suited to provide its customers with shellfish and crustaceans. Our buyers do also import various oyster varieties, Breton lobster, brown crabs, clams, whelks, cockles, and many other exclusive products from France.


Smoked Fish

Zeelandia van Belzen works only with reputable smokers who place equal emphasis on the quality of the raw material and the quality of the end product. We would like to draw particular attention to our Scottish salmon fillets, prepared by a small, family-run company using traditional smoking methods.



In order to meet the most exacting requirements, we have continuously expanded and optimised this part of our business over many years, making Zeelandia van Belzen one of the leading suppliers for exclusive sushi restaurants and shops in north-western Germany. Top quality at fair prices and an assortment specially tailored to sushi shops guarantee the long-term success of our business relationships.


Dutch Matjes Herring

Matjes herring are young fish that have yet to reach sexual maturity, resulting in a particularly mild herring cured in a brine. Using a process going back to the Middle Ages in the Netherlands. Herring caught in the North Sea off Denmark or Norway before they begin mating are used. They have a relatively high fat content (over 16%) and the roe and milter are not yet formed.


Other Products

In addition to the products of our standard range, we also meet special customer requests. Zeelandia is your partner for everything related to fish and seafood!



New in the range of Zeelandia van Belzen. Fresh algae from the nature reserve of the Oosterschelde.#

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